The Candy Counter is a small, family run shop located in the heart of Downtown Walnut Creek. We offer a wide variety of candy; from old time favorites to the hottest candies of today. With a selection this large, you are sure to find something to treat your sweet tooth. Stop in and let the "kid in a candy store" run wild and have some fun!

Sweet Facts

Fun Facts

Allergy Options

  • Gluten Free Options

    According to manufacturer's these candies are Gluten Free. *Always check the labels to be sure.



    • Airheads

    • Almond Joy

    • Altoids

    • Atomic fireballs

    • Bazooka Gum

    • Bubbilicious Gum

    • Junior Mints

    • Charleston Chew

    • Junior Caramels

    • Chiclets

    • Double Bubble Gum

    • Red hots

    • Lemonheads

    • Boston baked beans

    • Fruit stripe gum

    • Hershey kisses

    • Hershey chocolate bar

    • Reeses peanut butter cup

    • Reese’s pieces

    Hershey Skor bar

    • Mike & Ike

    • Hot Tamales

    • Zours



    • M&M’s plain

    • M&M’s Peanut

    • Necco Wafers

    • Mary Janes

    • Payday

    • Pop Rocks

    • Ring Pops

    • Rolo

    • Skittles

    • Snocaps

    • Smarties

    • Snickers

    • Dum Dum Pops

    • Starburst Fruit Chews

    • Sugar Babies

    • Sugar Daddy

    3 Musketeers

    • Tootsie Rolls

    • Tootsie Pops

    • Caramel Apple Pops

    • Dots

    • Crows

    • Blow Pops

    • Charms Pop



    • Fluffy Stuff Cotton Candy

    • Baby Ruth

    • Bit-O-Honey

    • Original Butterfinger Bar

    • Goobers

    • Nips

    • Oh Henry

    • Raisinets

    • Wonka Pixy Sticks

    • Laffy Taffy

    • Wonka Fun Dip

    • Mounds

    • Heath Bar

    • Jelly Belly Jelly Beans

    • Candy Buttons

    • Now and Later

    • Red Hot’s

    • War Heads Super Sour Spray


  • Sugar Free Options

    According to manufacturer's these candies are Sugar Free. *Always check the labels to be sure.

    • Double Bubble Gum

    • Asher’s milk Chocolate bar

    • Asher’s dark chocolate bar

    • Asher’s creamy caramel bar

    • Asher’s peanut butter bar

    • Asher’s chocolate assortment box

    • Salt water taffy

    • Simply lite dark chocolate bar


    • Go Lightly hard candies (Cinnamon, assorted toffee, starlight mints)

    • Eda’s hard candies (cherry, butterscotch, licorice, tropical mix)

    • Gustaf’s licorice

    • Jelly Belly assorted flavor mix

    • Guylian bittersweet chocolate

    • Guylian Belgian milk chocolate

    • Bulk gummy bears

    • Bulk peachie o’s



  • Vegan Options

    According to manufacturer's these candies are Vegan. *Always check the labels to be sure.

    • Lemonheads

    • May janes

    • Mike & Ike

    • Nerds

    • Now and Later

    • Ring Pops

    • Smarties

    • Sour Patch Kids

    • Spree

    • Sweedish Fish

    • Sweet Tarts

    • Twizzlers

    • Gobstoppers

    • Zotz

    • Big League Chew

    • Red Vines

    • Sweedish Fish

    • Abba Zaba

    • Airheads

    • Atomic Fireballs

    • Blow Pops

    • Boston Baked Beans

    • Charms Lollipops

    • Chick-o-sticks

    • Cry babies

    • Dots

    • Dum-Dums

    • Good & Plenty

    • Hot Tamales

    • Hubba Bubba

    • Jolly Ranchers

    • Jujubees

    • Jujyfruits



Sweet Inspiration

Weather you are looking for a gift for the sweet tooth in your family or a display to impress all of your friends, we are here to help.


We offer fully customizable gift baskets that allow you to put all their favorite candies and sweets in one spot. a gift sure to please any sweet tooth.


If a gift basket is not right, candy bars and displays are a sweet alternative. no matter what your color scheme, we will do our best to suggest a range of candies to help you impress all your guests.

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